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Sample Mudlog Header & Legend

Our Software

Great Divide utilizes the Windows based "Wellsight Systems" vertical and horizontal mud logging software. This log drafting tool allows our people to draft hundreds of feet per hour, including ROP, gas data, lithology, geologic descriptions, engineering data, porosity, grain size and MWD data. The data is presented in clear, precise, professional quality strip logs. The logs can be presented in numerous scales and can be further customized to meet your needs.

Internet Service From The Wellsite

Daily reports, mud logs and LAS files can be e-mailed to our clients and their partners, who can then view, print (via the free "Log Viewer" program available on the internet) and import log data into various client programs.  We can also convert the daily log updates to PDF format for easy smartphone viewing.

Sample Mudlog Header and Legend

mudlog legend