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About Us

Our People

Great Divide personnel are degreed geologists or experienced mudloggers with 5+ years of oil and gas experience. All of our people are adept at hydrocarbon well logging, interpretation, and formation correlation. In addition to hydrocarbon logging the Great Divide geologists are available to assist in the wire line logging process.

Our Equipment

Our basic gas detector utilizes a Wheatstone Bridge Analytical System with hot wire and chromatograph components that are wired into an acquisition computer system. This system combines dependable catalytic combustion and thermal conductivity gas detection technology (calibrated to 100 units = 1% methane) with modern computer and software to provide extremely accurate hydrocarbon log data. Also available is an infrared gas detection system (www.totalgas.ca) which utilizes a wireless system to transmit data to the trailer from the gas trap. These systems yield increased detail and resolution of all curve data with drill rates measured at 1/100* of a minute and gas data at 1/10* of a unit. This automation frees our geologists to spend more time on sample evaluation, interpretation and correlation. These gas detectors can be used in manned or unmanned trailers supplied by the client or Great Divide.

Our Prices

Our prices compare favorably with basic mud logging services offered by others, especially when considering the added value of our service.
Please contact us for a quote on your next drilling project. You can
e-mail us at Penn@GreatDivideConsulting.net or Matt@GreatDivideConsulting.net or call us at (307) 389-8497 or
(303) 263-2559.